Nocturnal solar-powered lamp from any glass jar

SIM900A 2G module + Hologram SIM card. Publishing sensor measurements to Thingspeak.

ros-omni-base: ROS mobile robot base for everyone. (Work in progress)

SIM900A 2G module + Hologram SIM card = winning combination in category "dirt cheap"?

Driving brushless DC motors with Arduino on the cheap using ESCs for RC vehicles.

WS2811 POV display on PC fan

[New part] Trying out APDS-9960 - Gesture, proximity, ambient light and RGB sensor

ELK Stack with log4j - visualize your Java logs

Простой самодельный ватчдог (сторожевой таймер) для майнера

Dead easy to make DIY hadware watchdog for your mining rig